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In October, we asked:

“Do you feel safe where you live and what would make you feel safer?”

The new PCC asked for comment on his draft plan for community safety across Gloucestershire. We wanted to ensure that older people’s views were included in those plans so we wrote to him with your responses.

Generally, you told us that you feel safe in your homes and neighbourhoods in Gloucestershire but it is clear that community safety is an important issue to you. Community infrastructure, good pavements, lighting etc. that help people feel safe and able to get out and about easily are crucial to improving that feeling of safety. You also told us that you value the visibility of local Police and PCSOs in your communities but issues such as good street lighting clearly contribute to the feeling of safety:

“Seeing visible policing in neighbourhoods and having a local PCSO known by name is good. He/she enabled opportunities for individuals or groups to share concerns about anti-social behaviour, or concerns about personal safety and security”.

Many of you take responsibility for your own safety and clearly appreciate support and safe environments. However, not everyone we spoke with lives in an area where they have supportive neighbours and some do feel more could be done to tackle anti-social behaviour and improve their neighbourhoods.

“My neighbours are great and that helps me feel safe”

“Going out with younger family members or friends in the evening helps me get back home safely”

“I don’t always feel safe as an older person as I am less able to look after myself in the city centre and there is a lot of anti-social behaviour. Also disputes with neighbours and cannabis use in the neighbourhood impact on my feeling of safety in the home”.

“As an older female who walks my dog alone I am not sure I feel safe anymore following the Sarah

Everard murder – how do I know I can trust the police or others in the community?”

Thank you again for your responses- your voice has a real opportunity to make a change.

For more information contact:

Helen Atkinson, Head of Age Friendly Innovation on 01452 420931 or email