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The Big Knit is back !!!

Published on 15 March 2018 11:17 AM

Yes the BIg Knit is back!!

Thanks to our wonderful knitters, last year your little hats raised almost £3000 for Age UK Leeds to help lonely older people living in Leeds.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional knitter, there are little hat patterns for everyone! We cannot do this without your support so please pull out those knitting needles and help us make even more this year – we are aiming for over 10,000 hats again. 

Knitters of all ages can get involved in this exciting campaign to make lots of tiny hats for the top of innocent smoothie bottles.

And the good news is that for every bottle sold Innocent Drinks will donate 25p to Age UK to help us provide services for vulnerable older people this winter.

The deadline for hats to be with us is 21st December.  Thank you once again for your support.

Knitting Patterns

For knitting patterns, please click on the link below, or get creative and make your own, as long as it will fit on the top of an innocent bottle, anything goes!

 Knitting Patterns

•    The hat should have a ‘topper’.  This can be a bobble, button, ribbon, bow or tassel securely sewn or glued to the top of the hat.  Use any topper you like – just use your imagination – but remember to make them secure so little children can’t pull them off easily. 

•    Before stitching your hat, it should roughly measure 1 ½ inches by 4 ¼ inches (4cm by 11.5 cm) which is important for it to fit the top of the bottles (see the knitting pattern)

Innocent Drinks have a very short shelf life and the hats will be manually put on to the bottles by patient Innocent workers.  We need to ensure that the hats will go on easily to enable them to get them on and get them despatched quickly.

Where to send your finished hats

Your finished hats should be sent to Bradbury Building, Mark Lane, Leeds, LS2 8JA and then we will forward them to Innocent Drinks.

Please include your name and address with your hats. We need these so we can be sure to thank you for your efforts, which is important to us.

Picture of bottles with small hats