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Social Clubs with Extra support

Age UK Reading clubs provide a service for those who need extra support to leave home. We work with our partners at ReadiBus to ensure a supported experience from leaving your front door to the club and back again.

Day Services

Our clubs offer an opportunity to meet up with friends as well as having a nourishing meal or afternoon tea. Our clubs are comfortable and welcoming places designed to be a fun outlet. Three hours of activities, games socialising and a two course lunch or afternoon tea are provided. We aim to provide a day care option for those who need support to get out.

Lunch clubs


Our clubs run bingo, group singing, quizzes, art activities and reminiscence sessions to keep our members active and entertained.

Respite for Carers

Lively Living clubs are designed to enable a carer to have a short respite break to relax or do a leisure activity. Caring for someone is a full time job and carers often forget about the importance of looking after their own needs as well as the person they care for. A few hours off a week can provide an invaluable space to get other things done or for a bit of "me" time.

Broader support.

As part of Age UK Reading being connected to the clubs also gives the client easy access to a wider support network. We have access to high quality information and support and our information service can connect clients and their carers to support from elswhere in the system or other groups in town. Good information can empower people to make better decisions about their wellbeing.

Help with Transport

Working with our partners at ReadiBus we support people to be able to get out to live active lives and engage in the community. ReadiBus collect people from their doorstep and our staff and volunteers meet the people from the bus and assist people into the room where the club is held.

Age UK Reading can assist in arranging a Readibus membership and arrange transport.

Running of our clubs

Our clubs are located at Sheltered Housing homes across Reading and Woodley and run from Monday to Saturday inclusive. We use the kitchens of these homes to provide for our lunch clubs freshly prepared food.


We offer extra support to clients who attend our clubs. We meet them from the minibus and help them move in and out of the building. We help them with cutting up food if required and can guide them to and from the toilets. We do however ask that clients are able to eat by themself, and go to the toilet by themself as we do not provide a full personal care service.


Occasional outings are arranged such as trips to the pantomime or river cruises which our club members are invited to attend at an additional cost.


Most of the clubs cost between £15-£16 which includes a freshly cooked, hot,  2 course lunch. Our activity club at Weirside costs £8 but only includes a light snack such as soup, fruit salad or sausage rolls.


To find out more about our lunch and tea clubs please contact by email on or by our main line 0118 950 2480