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Enjoy Older Peoples Day 2016

11 October 2016

Join us at this free event from 1.30 to 4.30pm next Friday at Rivermead Leisure Complex. There is a car park and a shuttle bus from Friar Street every 30 minutes.



Michelle Berry (of Reading Borough Council), told us how popular this celebration has become. “Older people approached us earlier in the year saying: Are you going to do this event?”. Michelle has been involved for the last three years and she has seen it grow bigger and bigger over time. That’s why this event is taking place at the new venue Rivermead Leisure Complex.

People can enjoy different activities there, all of them completely free. The most active visitors will find games such as table tennis, whilst others who prefer to spend a relaxing afternoon could have refreshments or listen to the presentations in the sitting area.

“Older People’s Day also raises awareness about what servicies and activities are available for them in the community”, Michelle explained to us. Many organisations will be in the Rivermead Complex to bring their servicies to the attention of anyone who wants to ask for more information.

AGE UK READING will be there as in previous years, sharing our activities in this celebration. You will find our information stand in the main hall, where some colleagues will be able to answer all your questions. Among them, you will meet Ken Camichel, Operations Manager, who strongly believes in the importance of avoiding social isolation and loneliness. In fact, he organises our Lively Living Social Clubs where we provide people who find it difficult to leave their homes with the opportunity to socialise and have a good meal. In his own words “One of the biggest things these Clubs do, is to get people out of their homes”.  Ken talked about some of the activities people enjoy the most, like playing cards, bingo, the singing machine and the memory box, an activity in which everybody shares anecdotes of their lives and has conversations around historical props from within the box.

Both Ken and Michelle understand that Older People’s Day is a great opportunity to celebrate later life and inform people about the wealth of opportunity in the town for being active and getting involved in social activity.

Many of the services that will be showcased at Older Peoples Day rely on people giving their free time. So, everybody who is interested in collaborating as a volunteer in some of these activities is also welcome to the information stand of Age UK Reading.

Happy Older People’s Day!

With thanks to Beatriz Santamaria, an Age UK Reading Volunteer for writing this article.