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Supporting Independence, Affordability and Friendship

Homeshare is a new service that Age UK Reading is launching for people in this area. We are putting our long experience of matching and overseeing Befriending relationships to work on this exciting new project.

Age UK Reading has joined the National Homeshare organisation and is now one of around 150 partners across the UK offering this service.

Help and Companionship.

Homeshare brings together householders who have spare rooms with those who are happy to chat and lend a hand around the house in return for affordable, sociable accommodation.

Together, Householders and Homesharers share home life, time, skills and experience.

Benefits to the older person:

A live-in friend and companion to support them as they stay in their home for longer.

10 hours per week of household help or companionship.

Security of not being or feeling alone.

Sense of supporting a younger person setting out in life.

Benefits to the sharer

A friendly, experienced, person to live with and chat to for what may be their first time, away from home.

A more pleasant and comfortable standard of housing than many HMOs.

Affordable rent.

Benefits to the community

Frees up housing stock.

Added security and support for both parties.

 The role of Age UK Reading

The role of Age UK Reading is to broker, match and support the Homeshare. We interview and vet both parties and risk assess the home prior to making a match. We also stay in touch on a regular basis to support the relationship as it develops. We can act as a third party and mediator for either sharer to come to for help and advice. We can help manage any issues that may arise and be there to support both parties in this eventuality.

What are the costs? 

There will be a fee for both parties who engage in this service. The older person will pay £100 and the sharer £200 per month to allow Age UK Reading to sustainably manage the service. The sharer will also pay a contribution to the householder towards the running costs of the household. The size of this payment is pre-determined by the older person and negotiated by the two parties.

What home share is not.

A rental agreement – This is not a tenancy, the householder is not a landlord.

A substitute for care – The sharer cannot undertake any tasks that would constitute “care”.


You can learn more about Homeshare in this short video.


Applying to Homeshare

If you are interested in applying to join Age UK Reading’s Homeshare service, either as a Householder or a Sharer, you can express interest by calling 0118 9502480 or email us at We will call you for an initial, informal chat about your situation and progress things from there.


Age UK Reading are a member of Homeshare UK the national network for Homeshare