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Recycle your old stuff and help us to support older people

black man holding boxes.jpgIt’s amazing what you can recycle these days and now you can do it to help older people in Rotherham. Just drop off your old unused items from the list below and we will do the rest. We’ll send your items off to be recycled responsibly and at the same time raise funds to support older people in the borough. We’ll be helping the environment too.

How to do it

  • Have a declutter at home, collect all you unused or unwanted items. Check the garage, the attic and even the spare bedroom. You can ask family, friends and neighbours to do the same and then just bring it along to our Furniture Warehouse.
  • Do you belong to any clubs or groups? Ask them to hold a collection, we can supply leaflets to explain the scheme and collection bags if needed.
  • Get your workplace involved. It’s a great way to ask companies to raise funds for us without spending a penny. We’ll drop off a collection box and some leaflets and collect when full.

Here’s what we recycle

Jewellery and costume jewellery
Includes gold and silver as well as costume jewellery, it can be plastic, metal or glass, in fact we accept all types of jewellery in any condition.


Working or broken, we can still recycle them.


We accept foreign and UK notes and coins of any age, even if it’s now out of circulation.


Cameras and gadgets
Old film and digital cameras, video cameras, games consoles, games and controllers, Satnavs, Mp3 players and Ipods can all be recycled in the scheme.


Mobile phones and tablets
Any make of mobile phone or tablet, working or not. (unfortunately, we can’t take laptops.)


Any stamps, UK or foreign. Just cut off the envelope leaving a small border around the stamp and drop them off at our Furniture Warehouse


Printer cartridges
We accept most makes of printer cartridge in any colour, including original and remanufactured. (We are unable to accept toner/laser cartridges)


All you need to do is drop off your donations for recycling at our Furniture Warehouse and we’ll do the rest.

Recycle your car

Do you own a vehicle that you don't use anymore? You can now donate it to us through Giveacar. You'll get free collection of your vehicle and you'll be helping us to make life better for older people in Rotherham. Find out more here.