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EngAge Rotherham

EngAge Rotherham logo

Our vision is of a society transformed by the involvement of older people in meeting the challenges caused by social change.

We aim to listen, to respond and to support older people. We help older people to stay safe, feel less lonely, stay independent, keep themselves healthy and have regular contact with other people.

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About EngAge Rotherham

EngAge Rotherham is an exciting new approach responding to our ageing society. It aims to help people stay connected and engaged within their local communities and Rotherham in general so that they can make the most of later life and have a full role to play in the lives of their families, communities and in the life of our Borough. 


The priorities for EngAge Rotherham have been identified as areas of concern by older people in Rotherham. These are:


  • Being safe
  • Not being lonely and isolated
  • Staying independent
  • Being healthy
  • Being connected


EngAge Rotherham will help older people to:


  • Recognise their strengths
  • Make the most of their later life 
  • Share their experiences and help each other to cope with the changes faced during ageing
  • Be more active in their community, be better connected and improve their mental , physical and social health and wellbeing
  • Feel more valued by others, reducing the impact of loneliness and isolation


Older people will become:


  • Better connected - less isolated or lonely by taking part in EngAge Rotherham activities
  • More active - have improved health and wellbeing and use their talents and experience in their community
  • More resilient - be more able to cope withthe physical, social and emotional changes
  • Valued and understood - local organisations will improve their awareness of the needs/views of older people

Current EngAge Rotherham projects are:

  • Community Connectors - an information and outreach service linked to community hubs and other locations
  • EngAge Rotherham Affiliated Groups - supporting volunteer-led groups in communities, running activities for older people to improve social, mental and physical wellbeing

Rotherham Older People's Month 2017

October 2017 is Rotherham Older People's Month and Rotherham Older People’s Forum, Age UK Rotherham and Rotherham Healthwatch are again working together to ensure that older people’s voices help to shape changes and services for the future of our ageing society. We want more people to live in age-friendly communities and we are holding three key listening events during the month. Read more about these events here.