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Fire Safety

EngAge Rotherham aims to listen, to respond and to support older people to be involved by helping them to stay safe, stop them from being lonely and isolated, stay independent, be healthy and have regular contact with other people.

EngAge Rotherham - Be Safe and Well aims:Female sat at table in kitchen


  • To boost the ability of the voluntary sector partners involved to 'Make Every Contact Count'. It will use the opportunities created by existing interactions with older people to better identify and work with more people to reduce fire risk and make more referrals to help reduce fire risk in their homes.

  • To build community capacity, knowledge and resilience by recruiting and training older people as Community Fire Safety Champions. These volunteers will deliver fire safety knowledge and help identify older people at risk.


Recruiting and training Fire Safety Champions

We will recruit and deliver training to people willing to become Community Fire Safety Champions. These training sessions will be focused on supporting people to understand fire safety and to know the dangers of fire.


The training will help you identify items/objects in your house that are potential fire hazards and how to safely react if a fire starts.


Once the Fire Champions have completed this training the aim is for them to go back into their local community and feedback this training to people so they are aware of fires and therefore reducing the risks of fire at home.


If you are interested in becoming a Community Fire Safety Champion or would like more details call 01709 910 699. More information about the role is on our volunteer opportunities page.


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