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Stay EngAged Tips

VolunteerMale sat in kitchen

Give your time to a cause that needs your help. Getting involved in your community as a volunteer gives you the chance to make social connections, focus on solving problems, and see your community as a living whole in which you are a vital participant.


Volunteering can help you to build fulfilling relationships that have proven health benefits. Creating new social connections can prevent depression and reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness. Seeing that your contribution is making your community a better place to live will also give you a sense of pride and fulfillment.


Join or create a group with shared interests

There are many different types of groups within your community including our affiliated EngAge Rotherham Groups that are run by volunteers.


Attend community meetings

Many places have community meetings. Here, members of the community discuss problems that the community is facing, as well as solutions. 



There may be a group in your area that needs your help. You can organise a fundraiser such as a bake sale, community garage sale or car wash to raise money to donate to your chosen group.  You will meet new people, create a sense of unity by sharing in a common cause and help improve your community as well as your own sense of well-being.


Find out more about fundraising for Age UK Rotherham.


Nurture your social network

Make an effort to maintain your close personal relationships with family members, friends, church members, neighbours, and other important people in your life. Even if they’re not close by, you can still keep in touch by e-mail or Facebook.


Play 'mind' games

Regularly doing crossword puzzles and playing chess and other intellectually stimulating games keeps your mind active and, if you play with others, helps you stay socially connected.