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Age UK Wandsworth is an independent, local charity governed by its Memorandum and Articles of Association which exists to promote the quality of life of older people in the borough of Wandsworth.

We could not fulfil our role without our Board of Trustees, who have ultimate responsibility for the charity, ensuring that it is solvent, well-run, and delivering the charitable outcomes for the benefit of older people for which it has been set up.

Being a trustee is an unpaid but rewarding role, allowing individuals to bring their skills, knowledge and experience to the running of the charity.

Age UK Wandsworth Board of Trustees

Peter Lloyd – Chair

Pam Amos – Vice Chair

Philip Francis - Treasurer

Jenny Alexander

Ambra Caruso 

Nathalie Gibson-Wilson

Liz Halksworth

Richard Smuts

Lara Sonola

Tony Tuck

Age UK Wandsworth Staff list

Rachel Corry - Chief Executive

Charlotte Allen - Voluntary Sector navigator

Philippa Burns - Advice & Support service coordinator

Emma Chisholm - Marketing and Fundraising coordinator

Zoe Daniel - Volunteer coordinator/Handyperson service coordinator 

Heidi Green - Out and About service coordinator

Helen Fearnehough - Shopping service coordinator 

Rhian Jenkins - Handyperson service coordinator

Melanie Lawrie - Be-a-Friend service coordinator

Nick Mullaney - Handyperson

Yvonne Neufville - Handyperson

Dave Peers - Men's Shed coordinator

Tallena Prazak - Handyperson

Anais Thede - Hospital Discharge coordinator 

Catherine Waters - Shopping service coordinator

Vivien Yalcin - First Contact coordinator

Shanshan Xu - Book-keeper