Spending even a short period of time in hospital can leave you feeling less able to cope when you get home.

The Home from Hospital service offers practical support and assistance to people aged 60-plus in their own homes for up to six weeks after they have left hospital

How does it work?

Home from hospital imageWhen you come out of hospital, the Home from Hospital coordinator can arrange to see you at home to discuss your situation. Alternatively, we can arrange to visit you and discuss your needs while you are still in hospital.

The service coordinator can put you in touch with local services that are available to help. We can also arrange for a volunteer to drop in and see you regularly for approximately six weeks to help you settle in back at home.

Just some of the ways that a volunteer could help:

  • Checking that you have enough food and drink and that your home is warm.
  • Carrying out small tasks around the house.
  • Helping you to do gentle exercises – for example, walking short distances.
  • Dropping in for a chat.
  • Accompanying you to collect your pension.
  • Collecting prescriptions.
  • Providing you with information and advice about other services that you may require.

Can you accompany me home from hospital?

We are not able to fetch you home from hospital. Arrangements for your discharge and journey home will be made by hospital staff. We can begin to support you in getting life back to normal once you are home again.

Who are the Home from Hospital volunteers?

Our volunteers are selected, trained and supported by the service. They are caring, reliable people who come from many different backgrounds.

All our volunteers are vetted through interview. We also take up references and complete a Criminal Records Bureau check.

We stay in close touch with our volunteers to ensure that we are offering a good-quality service for all.

Who can contact the service?

If you are aged 60-plus and are about to come out of hospital (or have recently returned home) you are welcome to contact us.

We also welcome referrals from family members, social workers, health professionals or care providers.

Contact the Home from Hospital coordinator on 020 8877 8956 (direct line) or 020 8877 8940 (main office line) or email the service coordinator

You can also call into the office to see us. We are open from 10am to 3pm, Monday to Thursday.

Is the service free?

Yes! There is no charge for this service and our volunteers are not permitted to accept cash gifts.