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Our charity emerged from the work of the six Older Peoples’ Welfare Committees of Bury, Prestwich, Radcliffe, Ramsbottom, Tottington and Whitefield.

These committees were set up during the Second World War. The loss of a generation of young men, the relocation of families throughout the UK and inadequate welfare support from the state meant that many older people were struggling to make ends meet. The welfare committees informed the town councils of the problems older people were facing and provided services to support the most vulnerable. These local committees worked with a national body called the National Old People’s Welfare Committee.

In 1971, The National Committee changed its name to Age Concern and established itself as a national independent lobbying body for older people. Locally, the six committees in Bury came together into one organisation and became known as “Age Concern Bury District”. Over the years, it has been known as “Age Concern Metro Bury” and “Age Concern Bury”.

Following a merger of the two national charities, Age Concern and Help the Aged in 2009, the trustees of Age Concern Bury decided in January 2011 to enter into partnership with Age UK and adopt the Age UK branding.

Age UK Bury remains a local charity and its governing body, the Executive Committee, are local people with passion for improving services for older people in Bury. Every penny we raise stays in Bury, supporting local older people.