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What is the programme?

The Greater Manchester Nutrition and Hydration programme is a 2-year pilot programme which aims to make sure that older people (65+) in Bolton, Bury, Oldham, Rochdale and Stockport are eating and drinking well enough to remain healthy and independent.

Why is it needed?

1 in 10 older people don’t eat and drink enough to maintain a healthy weight. This has a big impact on their well-being and independence and also means they are more reliant on health and social care services.

What are we doing?

• Raising awareness of undernutrition within the community 

• Offering training for staff in health, social care and community settings

• Using the paperweight armbands to identify people who are at risk of undernutrition

• Promoting a food-first approach


The University of Manchester is conducting a formal evaluation to understand the impact of the use of the Paperweight Armband© on individuals and primary care and to understand the barriers to older people to maintaining a healthy weight.

What can you do?

Professionals or volunteers

• Invite us to train your staff in how to use the armband and respond to undernutrition and dehydration. Contact Carmel Berke on 07846 880694 to find out more about the programme in Bury.

• Invite us to your groups and social events

• Help older people you are working with to make food more nourishing


• Support friends and family by looking out for the signs of dehydration and undernutrition, asking them about their appetite, meal preparation and weight loss and giving advice about how to make meal preparation easier, boost their appetite or make their food more nourishing (visit the website for more details).

• Talk to your friends and family about the benefits of eating and drinking enough.

• Look after yourself, try to have a balanced diet and make changes early if you spot signs of dehydration or undernutrition.