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Greetings from the Jubilee Centre

This week, we are focusing on two main issues. We start with an appeal to support older people living with devastation caused by Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Our partner, Age International, is already working in Ukraine and we include details on how to support their work.

Following the pandemic, we know many people are struggling with depression, so we are including news about a new project to support people’s wellbeing.   

In the final section, we round up news about our new activities – Men-only Exercise, Diana’s Online Video classes and the new “Cyber Surgeries” at the Jubilee. This is a long read - especially if you click on all the links, so brew a nice cup of tea before you start. Or pour me a nice pint of beer!     

Ukraine Appeal

We are supporting our partner Age International to help older people in Ukraine.

With the conflict in Ukraine escalating in recent days, the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) and its member agencies, including Age International, have launched a humanitarian appeal to provide urgent assistance to those in need.

The fighting has forced many thousands of people in Ukraine to flee their homes in search of safety and they urgently need supplies to meet their basic needs. Older people are disproportionately affected, and for those that have been left behind, the situation is particularly dangerous. 

Age International has been working in Ukraine since 2014 through their partner, HelpAge, supporting around 5,000 older people affected by the conflict with essentials such as food, medicine and psychological support.  In recent weeks, many people have been forced to leave their homes behind in search of safety and are living in temporary accommodation. This is now Europe’s largest refugee crisis since the Second World War and people require urgent food and other essential supplies to meet their basic needs. Age International’s existing work in the region means they are uniquely placed to respond quickly and effectively to the needs of older people affected by this new crisis.

For older people who have been unable to flee, the situation is particularly perilous, leaving them isolated, without their families and cut off from the support they need, such as access to medicine and food. Older people are particularly vulnerable in conflict situations as mobility problems mean they are often not able to take shelter from danger.

“If a war breaks out, the only place to hide is the cellar. There is a bomb shelter at the local school, but it is 4-5 km away from us.” Olga, 71, Ukraine Click here to read her story

Age International is also working with our partners in neighbouring countries, such as Moldova where many people have fled to safety, to understand how best to support older people and their families who have escaped the conflict over the coming weeks and months.

Age International has a large team of staff and volunteers in Ukraine. They have faced shelling, and some have had to move to safer locations. Despite the situation, the team is dedicated to respond to the needs of older people and their families affected. 

“Some locations where we work are no longer under the control of Ukraine. We are trying to find out what is happening with our volunteers, and if everything is okay with the older people we work with.” Staff member in Ukraine – Read their latest blog.

In crisis situations like this, older people are often amongst the most severely affected, yet are at high risk of being forgotten by the emergency relief efforts. Working with DEC member charities, Age International with HelpAge advocates for the inclusion of older people in humanitarian responses.

How you can help

  • You can make a donation to the appeal on Age International website.
  • If you would prefer to donate by telephone, please call their helpline on 0800 032 0699.
  • You can donate money at the Jubilee Centre and our shops, and we will pass it onto Age International.
  • Start a fundraiser on Facebook and ask your friends and family to donate to support their work – especially if you have a birthday coming up!
  • Spread the word about the appeal and share our posts on social media Twitter Facebook Instagram and LinkedIn

The invasion of Ukraine has led an outpouring of public generosity. Criminals are quick to respond to this and will do their best to take advantage of people’s kindness. Please only donate to registered charities such as Age International and Red Cross.

Thank you for your support.

Don’t Brush It Under the Carpet

The new campaign ‘Don’t Brush It Under the Carpet’ aims to reach and support older residents who may be feeling depressed and alone and guide them to the right support for them.

Gillian Stainthorpe, Greater Manchester Older Peoples Network Steering Group Member said: “This new campaign is really important because it is helping to break the taboo around older people’s mental wellbeing and encouraging them to seek support. The campaign’s strength has been the involvement of older people working on equal terms with professionals from the very beginning. Their voices have been crucial in shaping the direction of the campaign and raising awareness of self-harm and older people.”

Find out more at

Age UK Bury News

Men-Only Exercise Classes

The Men-only Exercise Classes with our new tutor, Debs are up and running every from 9.30 to 10.30 every Thursday and Friday morning.

Our classes are being supported by Bury Council’s Health Improvement Fund and for the first thirteen weeks, we are charging an introductory fee of £2.50 per session. (This is half the cost of a normal session).

Diana’s online video classes are back!

Diana is returning to the computer screen at 2.00 on Wednesday afternoons. 

Click onto and hopefully we will be there on Wednesday afternoon. If you can’t make it when Diana is live, you will be able to watch the session at a time that’s good for you.

These online sessions are being supported by Bury Council’s Health Improvement Fund. Please let us know what you think if them.

Beginning in April: Cyber Surgery at the Jubilee Centre

If you're struggling to keep up on the internet book a 30-minute spot and let us answer your questions.

Get help with things like choosing a safe password, setting up Zoom/Teams calls, shopping safely, and making the most of social media.

Sessions will take place 10 to 12 noon on Thursday mornings, from 7th April 2022 at the Jubilee Centre. Sessions are free but donations are welcome!   

You can book a 30-minute session with Leisa at reception at the Jubilee Centre, call us on 0161 763 9030 or email

You would need to bring your tablet, smartphone or laptop with you. Wi-fi is available at the Jubilee Centre.

We are extremely grateful to Charlotte and Ray from the Creative Living Centre for their support in running these sessions.

Healthwatch Bury

Healthwatch Bury will be holding a Drop-in Session at the Jubilee Centre on Wednesday, 9th March, 2022 from 12:00 to 14:00. Come and share your experiences of using health and social care services (good and bad) and get information and advice about local services

You can also get in touch with Healthwatch Bury by phone 0161 253 6300 or email: to find out more about local support and services.

Jubilee Centre Activities

Our timetable is in the link below. 

Timetable of activities at the Jubilee Centre (PDF)

The Monday evening “Yoga & Mindfulness” sessions, led by Melanie, will begin again on Monday 28th March 2022.  

Please do not come into the Jubilee Centre if you have a cold or if you are feeling unwell. 


Remember when this was the big issue in the news? Anyway, just a quick note to say it has not gone away and we still need to be cautious. Get vaccinated, use sanitiser and wear a facemask to keep safe.

The Bury Public Health Bulletin (28th February) is in this link.

Our newsletter is out next week! Please send contributions to

The next few weeks will be difficult for everyone, as news comes from Ukraine and the full impact of war is realised. Thankfully, we can meet, be together, and  support one another. Cherish your friends at this time. 

Stay safe

Andy and all at Age UK Bury

Lads - Join the Men-Only Exercise Sessions, every Thursday and Friday, 9.30 to 10.30 at the Jubilee Centre.