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We are delighted that Jill wrote this poem for us to share with you all. Thank you Jill.

Passing the Time - Jill Pemberton

My house has never been so clean!

To believe it my house has just got to be seen!

But you can’t see my house; you’ll have to believe –

‘Cos no-one comes in and no-one can leave!


I’ll tell you about my most hated chore.

I haven’t cleaned my kitchen floor.

Besides, I need to replace my mop

And guidelines forbid me to go to the shop.

To leave my house, I need “Credentials”

And a mop will be one of those non-essentials!


My hubbie has tidied the garden shed.

He has planted his seeds, they are watered and fed.

He has turned the soil over with fertiliser.

He hasn’t forgotten the hand sanitiser!


In the evening, when I am forced into sitting

I get out my needles and do my knitting!

I have lots of wool, but nothing matches

So I’m knitting creations involving patches

Plus various colours of teddy bear -

I’ll give them to children to show them I care.

When my knitting gets a bit better

I’ll make a multi coloured sweater!


Different forms of exercise –

Don’t forget to sanitise!


An ocean of bliss is our writing group

An email address and you’re in the loop.

A raft of ideas to keep us afloat,

Keeps us smiling and fills us with hope


The virus has taken over the news

Endless expert interviews.

Many questions, many replies.

Don’t forget to sanitise!


Stories to sadden, or lift the heart

We are staying at home, but we’re never apart.

The world is becoming loving and caring.

If there’s a breakthrough, the world is sharing.


Spring doesn’t care about Covid 19

The flowers are bright, the grass is still green.

We’ll steer our little raft together,

Getting us through the stormy weather.

Aiming for the sliver of light

Where the grass is green and the flowers are bright.


Jill Pemberton