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Caxton Hall Community Centre

  • Location: Caxton Hall Community Centre
  • Price: Free
Call 02089 817124 for more info

Please note, this service is not available outside Age UK East London - Head Office's catchment area.

Caxton Hall Community Centre
Caxton Grove

The Centre provides a full range of activities for people 50+ to maximise social opportunities for building links and social interaction.

This directly helps tackle social isolation and reduce loneliness by bringing people together and engaging them in activity of their choosing. The huge variety means that there is very likely to be something for everyone.

LinkAge Plus Hub

Caxton Hall is a Linkage Plus Hub. Linkage Plus works with Older people to improve their wellbeing and increase their social networks and tackle isolation. It is co-funded by Tower Hamlets Council and the Tower Hamlets Clinical Commissioning Group, aiming to help people stay active and make the most of life. The other Linkage Plus Hubs are Neighbours in Poplar, Peabody at Sundial, Sonali Gardens and Toynbee Hall.

Caxton Online

We offer a range of virtual activities via 'Caxton Online'.