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The Centre provides a full range of activities for people 50+ to maximise social opportunities for building links and social interaction.

This directly helps tackle social isolation and reduce loneliness by bringing people together and engaging them in activity of their choosing. The huge variety means that there is very likely to be something for everyone.

The daily Lunch Club ensures older people get a hot meal enjoyed with others which is delivered by Meals on Wheels to the centre. Each meal costs £5.28. We will be introducing onsite freshly made sandwiches (at a reduced cost) along with tea and coffee. Individuals are also more than welcome to bring a pack lunch and receive fresh fruit

The act of sharing food together is a terrific element of breaking isolation and building community feeling.  Refreshments and parties (especially for cultural and festive occasions) will be an opportunity for people to come together, share and connect. 


January- March 2020

You can find the list of our activities HERE.



Adress: Caxton Hall, Caxton Grove, Malmesbury Road, E3 2EE

How to contact us

For more details about what we can offer you now, please email us or phone us on 020 89817124.