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Global Intergenerational Week 2023

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Published on 26 April 2023 02:38 PM

Homeshare Gloucestershire - an intergenerational solution to loneliness and the ever-growing cost of living?

Our Homeshare Gloucestershire Manager, Ramona Amuza, explains how Homeshare can help.

"I recently received an email from, looking at the average UK rents. It is no surprise to us that the cost of living crisis is continuing and, one of the most basic human right we all have – access to decent and affordable housing – is in constant decline.

According to Spareroom’s Rental Index, ‘the average monthly room rent in the UK rose in Q1 2023 to £683 - the highest on record and a 15% increase on the same period last year. Every UK region saw double digit increases.’ The South West region has seen a 13% increase compared to last year. Whilst some might be able to absorb the cost of an increased rent, many struggle and can even be at risk of homelessness. Even those lucky enough to afford the rent increase have to take into account the overall increase in the cost of living, which leaves them very little disposable income to set aside. This makes becoming a homeowner a very challenging, if not impossible dream for many.

At the same time, we have housing stock that is under occupied. Much of it is owned by older people who have brought up families, but are now living on their own. At Homeshare Gloucestershire, we often come across such older people. They love their homes filled with memories and wish to continue living there for as long as possible, but quite often feel lonely and they could do with some company and a bit of practical help around the house.

This is why we believe Homeshare is a win-win option for both parties! In a Homeshare arrangement, the homeowner gets the reassurance and peace of mind that they have someone living and sleeping in their home every night (we call them Sharers). The Sharers are often mature students or professionals, who need low-cost accommodation in a safe and homely environment. The Homeowners benefit from the company and practical support provided by a kind and reliable Sharer. At the same time they have the satisfaction of knowing that they are helping a younger person by opening their door to them.

The Sharers get to live with, help and learn from the older person. It offers them a comfortable place to live and even enables them to save up for a deposit if they wish to eventually purchase their own property.

Both parties beneficiate equally from the arrangement and it often leads to long-lasting friendships.

All our Homeshare Gloucestershire matches are arranged carefully and safely, as well as continuously monitored and supported throughout their duration."

For more information about intergenerational living through Homeshare Gloucestershire contact Ramona Amuza, Homeshare Gloucestershire Manager on 07760 419260 or email:

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