Help for People who Care for Someone

A carer is anyone who provides support for a partner, relative or friend who is frail or disabled, or has a longterm illness, mental health issue or substance misuse problem, and who cannot manage on their own. If this rings true for you, please do get in touch as we can help with a range of advice from parking permits to respite provision. We’re here to understand your situation and offer advice to help make your life easier, and the person you care for.

All Our Help Starts With a Conversation

  • Talking to You One-to-One

    Everything we do starts with a conversation and we listen long and hard to ensure we fully understand your issue.
  • Talking to You in the Community

    Whether you’re resolving a housing problem or navigating your way around the health service, having someone who can come and visit you can really help.
  • Talking to You in Groups

    The opportunity to meet like-minded people who are facing similar challenges or who share an interest is a refreshing experience, especially if you have felt isolated and lonely before.
  • Connecting You to our Partners

    We have a large number of excellent partner organisations offering regular events, assistance and on-going advice.

Discover how we helped others

  • Purleane Chambers

    About BME Carers Group “We learn from each other; it helps us trust each other and is very friendly. Suppose someone comes and says ‘My husband is ill,’ the group can help sort it out and we can learn about our rights.”
  • Mukthadeer Khan

    “I’m a carer for my mum but I find volunteering one day a week is very rewarding. It makes me feel good knowing I’m part of the solution. There are a lot of young carers and we want to reach out to more.”

Islington Carers Hub

  • Run by Age UK Islington since 2016, Islington Carers Hub is a dedicated team of professionals who are available to give carers in the borough access to help. When you contact Age UK Islington you’ll be connected with someone from the carers hub.

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  • We work hard to keep all carers in Islington updated. Each quarter we send out a printed Cares News magazine, packed full of information to help. And we send a monthly Carers Bulletin by email every month with new opportunities.

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