We help three groups of people slightly differently

Aged 16 to 50

For people with ongoing health and social wellbeing concerns, we are able to offer advice and connect you to other organisations.

Aged 50+

We help people to make the most of later life by connecting, advising and enabling you to achieve ageing that is fulfilling, independent and socially active.


Since 2016, we have been running Islington Carers Hub - helping anyone who cares for someone in Islington.

Help make a difference

Get Volunteering

From helping people navigate challenges they’re facing to enabling them to make the most of their community, volunteering with Age UK Islington is a great way to know you’re making a difference.

Get Connected

Islington has a number of organisations offering regular events, assistance and on-going advice. Instead of trying to replace what other people do so well already, we actively refer people and receive referrals from organisations.

Get Knowhow

We believe in sharing what works with other organisations. If you are a social organisation interested in new ways of working, we'd like to hear from you. 

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