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Contact Age UK Islington

Need some straightforward, reliable help with day-to-day issues? This might be to help you to better manage at home, manage bills or find local social activities. Whether you are 26 or 106 years old, whatever your issue please contact the Age UK Islington helpline (Islington residents or with Islington GP).

Do you need a helping hand?

Contact our Helpline

Call us on 020 7281 6018 for free, confidential information and guidance (adults 16 yrs+). Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed and need further support or just need pointing in the right direction, we can help.

Get One-to-One Support

Call our Helpline to talk to one of our team (adults 16 yrs+). We can work with you to find a way forward with whatever you're struggling with - from getting bills paid, to building skills for employment.

Support for Carers

If you're providing support for a partner, relative or friend we can help. We’re here to understand your situation and offer advice to help make your life easier, and the person you care for.

Information & Advice

Call our Helpline for information, advice and support for adults 16yrs+. We can help with any issues to do with day-to-day life, from money, to practical support at home, to getting out & about.

Benefits, Money & Housing

Access guidance about benefits, managing debts, how to keep warm and make your money go further. Get help with housing, from how to report repairs to housing adaptions and assisted living options.

Practical Support at Home

Do you need practical support to help look after yourself, manage your care needs and to live comfortably in your home? We can help you to manage activities of daily living such as cooking, cleaning and shopping.

Social Connection

Find things to do, keep active and join clubs or groups in your area. We can provide information about local transport options to make it easier for you to get out and about.

Emotional & Health Support

Talk to us and discover ways to cope with life’s ups and downs, overcome loneliness and reduce stress. Find out how to access services for health or emotional issues.

Keeping Safe & Independent

Get advice and guidance to help improve your mobility and reduce worries about falling. Keep independent at home, get out & about, build confidence & learn new skills.

Support for Carers

Get support and information to help you in your caring role – looking after yourself, getting to know your carers’ rights, planning emergency care and how to get a break.

Work & Volunteering

Keep busy, share your knowledge and experience through volunteering and develop new skills. Find training and start your job search or get support to help stay in employment.

End of Life Planning

Take action now to consider end of life, such as care home options, hospices, funeral planning, making a will and how you can best record and share your wishes.

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