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Emotional & Health Support

  • Location: Age UK Islington
  • Price: Free
Call 020 7 281 6018 for more info

Please note, this service is not available outside Age UK Islington - Head Office's catchment area.

Talk to us and discover ways to cope with life’s ups and downs, overcome loneliness and reduce stress. Find out how to access services for health, emotional or issues to do with mental health.

Support groups

Our staff can help and can support you to take part in specialist support groups and services to help with specific goals, such as motivation, anxiety and confidence or drug & alcohol support. We can help you find yoga and meditation sessions to learn techniques to manage stress and other social groups.

Talking therapy & counselling

We can make referrals for talking therapies and other psychological support through NHS and specialist Mental Health services. We can also help you to find support tailored to your specific needs – whether for example, this is via a faith group, cultural group or LGBTQ specialist service or for bereavement support.

Co-ordinating support

Living with a complex health condition can mean that you have specific housing needs, or a need for certain aids and adptations or allowances. We work closely with social services and other healthcare professionals to co-ordinate these needs.

Finding & accessing services & appointments

We can help you to find relevant services, e.g. to register for a GP, physio, dental services or footcare services. Some of these will be paid-for services. We can also help you to find transport to get to your appointments, or other ways of accessing GP and hospital appointments if you have mobility issues.