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Support for Carers

  • Location: Age UK Islington
  • Price: Free
Call 02072 813319 for more info

Please note, this service is not available outside Age UK Islington - Head Office's catchment area.

Islington Carers Hub is dedicated to providing unpaid carers with guidance and support for their wellbeing and for those that they care for. We can provide a listening ear and help with money & housing issues, help to get a break, support with employment and an introduction to a network of Islington carers. We support unpaid carers who are 18yrs+ living in Islington who are caring for an adult, or who are caring for an adult living in Islington.

Looking after your money

We can advise you about the financial support that's available for carers, how to make sure that you've the right benefits and guide you in the process to get a direct payment if you decide to employ your own carers.

Looking after you

We know how demanding caring is and we can help you find support for your wellbeing and how to get a break. Whether this is linking you into support groups, finding a regular social group or applying to take a short break, our Carers Hub service can help.

Emotional support & counselling

Our Carers Hub service is dedicated to providing you, as a carer, with guidance and support for your wellbeing and for those that you care for. We can provide a listening ear and can link you to talking therapies and counselling and specialist support groups.

Training & workshops

We can help link you to training and workshops to help you in your caring role. This could be to get a more indepth understanding of a health condition, to learn safe lifting techniques or to help you to develop skills for employment.