Get Connected

Islington has a number of organisations offering regular events, assistance and on-going advice. Instead of trying to replace what other people do so well already, we actively refer people and receive referrals from organisations.

  • Make Referals

    Every month we have around 100 people we can refer to other organisations in Islington - especially where they offer more specialist services.
  • Take Referals

    We welcome organisations who want to use our services to better connect thier customers and provide expert support where it's needed.
  • Joint Events

    Joining forces to get a message across is a great way of adding value. We regularly work with partners on events, exhibitions and training.
  • St John’s Way Medical Centre

    "We recommend patients of all adult ages to Age UK Islington. They offer a source of non-medical intervention to help improve the health and wellbeing for clients. That extra level of support helps people to reach their goals in life." Dr Claire Phillips
  • Octopus Community Network

    We’re joining forces with Octopus Community Network to reach out to hidden carers through Carers Week 2017. As well as joint events we’re also supporting staff and volunteers across the network to continue to identify and connect carers going forward.