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Islington has a number of organisations offering regular events, assistance and on-going advice. Instead of trying to replace what other people do so well already, we actively refer people and receive referrals from organisations (we've made it really simple to refer!)

  • We Make Referrals

    Every month we have around 100 people we can refer to other organisations in Islington - especially where they offer more specialist services

  • We Take Referrals

    One point of contact, no need to figure out which service. Signpost or refer - we only need basic information and we'll take it from there (and remember we're 16+!)

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Hear from our Partners

  • St John's Way Medical Centre

    "We recommend patients of all adult ages to Age UK Islington. They offer a sourec of none-medical intervention to help improve the health and wellbeing for clients. That extra level of support helps people to reach their goals in life." Dr Claire Phillips


    We offer lots of services to help people stay safe and warm in their home - or ways to keep cool in the summer if their home gets too hot. About 2, 500 people are referred each year, many from Age UK Islington.