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Help Heat a Home

Published on 13 October 2022 01:48 PM

With Winter on its way Age UK Leeds has created a new programme to help the most at-risk older people manage the rising cost of energy bills and stay safe and warm.
The initiative is called #HelpHeatAHome

The cost of living crisis is difficult for us all but for some vulnerable older people, they are faced with the harsh reality of having to choose between eating or heating their home. We don't think anyone should have to make that impossible choice and so we are helping as many older people in Leeds access the money they are entitled to. To help us do this, we need your help. Last year we helped older people claim £1.2m in benefits that would have otherwise have gone unclaimed. Sadly, this year the demand for our support far outweighs our resources.

Heating a cup of tea on the radiatorThe Government is giving all households £400 towards their energy costs and not everyone needs this support. Through the #HelpHeatAHome campaign, we are asking if you can make a donation to help us support more vulnerable older people across Leeds this Winter. Your donation will help us provide information to the most at-risk older people, on how to cope with rising energy bills, access support and stay warm this Winter.

We are very grateful for any support you can offer, whether this is large scale and getting your whole company behind the #HelpHeatAHome campaign or by missing just one take out coffee and donating the money saved - it all makes a difference.

If you work for a company in Leeds that would like to get behind #HelpHeatAHome please drop us a line on - we can send campaign materials to help get you started and shout about your support on our social media channels. Thank you.

If you are an individual and can make a donation, you can do so by clicking on this link: Age UK Leeds: Help Heat a Home (

Thank you for your support!