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The Leeds International Piano Competition

Published on 05 June 2023 10:09 AM

The Leeds International Piano Competition, working with Carers Leeds and Leeds City Council, have launched a search for piano-playing talent among our community of people living with dementia, and people providing unpaid and paid support for people living with dementia. We’re working towards a friendly ‘competition’ event in Leeds on July 17th, and an event for National Dementia Carer Day in September.  There is more detail, and a simple entry form here:

Dementia can and does take away many abilities and memories as it progresses, but a long-standing musical talent can persist in the face of the condition.  We want to celebrate the talents of people with dementia, as well as carers, volunteers and staff.  To find our ‘Secret Pianists’ we will have to make good use of our networks, so please think about people you know who might like to come forward and play; and please help spread the word.