What we do:

Age UK is proud to be a member of the Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness which aims to tackle the silent epidemic of loneliness.

Here in Oxfordshire, we provide a range of opportunities for older people, many of which help to alleviate loneliness and isolation. You can click on the links below to explore the services available.

In addition to providing services, we also campaign to combat loneliness. As part of our campaign, on Friday 14th July we will be hosting a Loneliness Summit to encourage people to “start a conversation” and explore what action can be taken locally and nationally to combat loneliness. The summit will encourage delegates to make a pledge about what they can do, personally or professionally, to combat loneliness in Oxfordshire. 

To get the ball rolling, Penny Thewlis, Chief Executive of Age UK Oxfordshire has made her own pledge: “To start a conversation with strategic partners about how, together, we can reach more people who are isolated and lonely.”

What you can do:

Combating loneliness requires action from across society:

  • As individuals – by being a friend to the older people around us
  • As families – by staying in touch with older relatives, including more distant family members and those living far away
  • As communities – by working collaboratively and supporting local Age UKs and other voluntary groups that organise services and social activities for older people. You could volunteer with us or support our fundraising by clicking here.  

You can make your own pledge here: https://www.jocoxloneliness.org/pledge

Jo Cox herself put it perfectly, “Loneliness ... is something many of us could easily help with. Looking in on a neighbour, visiting an elderly relative or making that call or visit we’ve been promising to a friend we haven’t seen in a long time.” So why not start a conversation with a lonely older person today.

In the film bereavement group support members Lynne, Joan and Jenny talk movingly about their experience of loneliness after losing their husbands and how things like support groups, hobbies, pets and local churches can really help. At the end they urge everyone to start a conversation with their neighbours to help alleviate loneliness they may face

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