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Don’t Cut Care

21 September 2015

Age UK Oxfordshire is calling for urgent protection of services for the vulnerable.

Don't cut care


Day to day tasks that many of us take for granted – like getting dressed, using the toilet, making a meal, or getting to the shops – can be almost impossible for many older people without help. Older people should be able to live well, not just survive, and the right care and support can help them do this.


Oxfordshire County Council has brought forward a large list of options for savings to services for people of all ages and stages. 


Age UK Oxfordshire believes that many of these reductions will be hugely damaging to vulnerable older people and carers across the county.


We believe that further savings will make even worse the situation at present, where there has been a long-term drop in central government funding to adult social care, and will increase the pressures on hospitals and care homes.


Right now, more than 9,000 older people in Oxfordshire who have needs for help at home are left to struggle by each day without any support. And this number is growing all the time.


We are urgently calling on the Council to reconsider the options they have put forward, and we are calling on our MPs and locally elected politicians to stand up for Oxfordshire and recognise that enough is enough.



Thank you

Earlier this year the Government announced it was not going to implement the lifetime cap on care costs, which would have cost around £6bn to implement. Age UK reluctantly agreed this was the right approach, but only if that £6bm is re-invested in the social care system.

More than 54,000 of you signed our Don't Cut Care petition across the UK (over 1,000 form Oxfordshire) calling on the Chancellor to urgently invest in care for older people as part of the 2015 Spending Review. This sent a massive signal to the Government that care for older people matters.



What's next?

Oxfordshire County Council will be making a decision about their savings options in early 2016.  Together with a coalition of 14 other local charities, Age UK Oxfordshire is continuing to campaign to ensure that vulnerable people are protected. 



'I will fight tooth and nail'

Our Get The Picture team spoke to people who attend St Francis Court Community Club (Headington, Oxford) about proposals to stop funding for their service:



'What am I going to do when the help is withdrawn?'

Kris Felton, Oxfordshire carer, talks about how the cuts by Oxfordshire Country Council would impact her and her husband:




'Where will we go?'

Attendees at Anchor Court Community Club (East Oxford) talk about proposed cuts to their service.




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