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Older peoples panel and forums: influencing change and making a difference

Do you want to: 

  • Share your opinions with others on subjects that matter to you?      
  • Keep up to date with existing services and proposed service developments?
  • Work with other older people to inform and influence policy
  • makers, service providers and others?

Our Older People’s Panels and Forums are commited to listening to, and taking action on the views of older people and supporting older people in making their views known to other organisations.

The Health and Social Care Panel

The Health and Social Care Panel is an independent body with 24 members from across the county. It meets monthly in Kidlington with health and social care professionals to influence the way services for older people are planned, delivered and improved.

Our objectives are

  • To enable older people to work with Age UK Oxfordshire, and with a range of other service providers, in the planning and development of their local services.
  • To establish strong, influential links with the NHS, the County Council and others to improve interaction and collaboration between the organisations and older users or potential users of their services.
  • To ensure that older people living in rural and in urban are equally involved in the planning and development of services.
  • To ensure older people from socially excluded groups are involved in the development and planning of services.
  • To ensure older people are aware of what the Panel is and how to get in touch.

Forums are held across the county and are open to all older people, their carers and people who work with and for them.

If you would like to be on the mailing list to recieve an invitation to your local Forum, or you would like more information about joining the Health and Social Care Panel, please call Kerry Tuson on 01235 849 410.