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Spread the Warmth

Each winter, one older person dies needlessly every seven minutes - that’s 200 deaths a day that could be prevented. Spread the Warmth is Age UK’s campaign to help older people stay well during winter.

How Age UK Oxfordshire helps older people in winter

Age UK Oxfordshire is working in partnership with other agencies in Oxfordshire to ensure older people receive the help and support they need to stay warm and well this winter. During the Spread the Warmth campaign we will be providing the following services:

Spread the Warmth


  • We provide free information and advice to ease financial worries, and help older people to feel warm and well.
  • We put people in touch with local services and support. See below for links to other sources of help.
  • We run social groups and opportunities to help fight loneliness.
  • We run a network of physical activity classes via our Generation Games service, to help people keep active and warm.
  • Our Phone Friends volunteers give friendly and reassuring phonecalls to those who are isolated at home.



How you can help Spread the Warmth

We rely on your donations to ensure we can continue to run our Information and Advice helpline and help older people keep warm and well this winter.


The Information and Advice helpline is a vital service that can offer support with a vast range of subjects during the winter months, such as benefits and entitlements, social and leisure opportunities, signposting to vital services and support, being a carer - and much more.



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