In addition to the backing we receive from our funders, another valuable source of income for us at Age UK Reading is the donation from the general public. These donations help us to continue to provide our services for older people in Reading.

We really appreciate your donations, please make any cheques payable to 'Age UK Reading' and send to:

Age UK Reading, 42 Portman Road, READING, RG30 1EA

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Gift Aid

If you are a UK standard rate taxpayer, each £1 donated to us can be increased to £1.28 by completion of a simple form supplied by us and then submitted by us to HM Revenue and Customs. 

Higher rate taxpayers can reclaim the difference in tax that they have paid and the amount of Gift Aid claimed by the charity. This amount is reclaimed by inserting the details of the donation in your tax return.

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Just Text Giving

You can donate to Age UK Reading through "Just Text Giving".  Simply text 70070 AGER01 £(put the number of UKpounds you wish to donate here)

My Donate

You can donate to Age UK Reading through "My Donate".  Simply click on the button below.

Payroll giving

If your employer operates a payroll giving scheme you can opt to make an automatic donation to us from your weekly/monthly pay. The deduction is made before tax so for a standard rate taxpayer a donation of £5 per month would cost the donator £4. 

For a higher rate taxpayer paying at the 40% tax rate, the £5 per month donation would cost £3. 

If your employer does not operate a payroll giving scheme, you could point out the business benefits of operating such a scheme. The organisation’s image would be improved, staff morale would be boosted, staff like to work for a caring employer and it enhances community involvement and corporate social responsibility.


One of the easiest ways of making a significant gift to a charity is by leaving a legacy. All legacies are deducted from the value of an estate for inheritance tax calculations. Obviously the concept of a legacy and will-making can be a difficult and uncomfortable subject but please consider how this gives you the opportunity to leave your mark on the world by leaving a legacy to us and remember that such a move can effectively reduce your inheritance tax bill.

Gifts of Shares

If you are a Shareholder (over 12 million people in the UK own shares) this can be a very tax effective way to make a donation to us. Any share donation will be eligible for income tax relief. Additionally, Capital Gains Tax does not apply to donations of shares. 

If you are a basic rate taxpayer, a gift of shares worth £10,000 could cost just £8,000 as 20% of the value of shares could be offset against your income tax bill and cost as little as £6,000 for a 40% rate taxpayer.

Please consider the above to help us continue our work with and for older people in Reading.