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Ways to wellbeing in later life

Published on 11 July 2022 12:44 PM

A new service has been launched to help older people in Rotherham who want to improve their wellbeing but who need some support to get started.

Ways to wellbeing in later life will provide practical support to help people to feel less lonely and reduce social isolation, improve their physical and mental wellbeing, promote creativity and feel more connected within their communities.

Kym Gleeson, Ways to wellbeing in later life Co-ordinator said, ‘The effect of the pandemic on older people has left many feeling out of touch and in need of extra support to reconnect with their community. Ways to wellbeing in later life aims to support, encourage and provide practical help so that people can make changes in their lives and improve their physical, social and mental wellbeing.’

We understand that each person’s needs will be as individual as they are. So, whether it’s getting out and about more, creating opportunities to spend more time with friends or family, starting a new hobby or even restarting an old one we will help people to make their desired change.

Each person will have their own ‘wellbeing buddy’ – someone who will be there to help and support them along the way.

And, just like the person they support, each buddy will have their own skills, interests and knowledge that they can develop and share with like-minded people. This could be through helping someone do some gardening, going for a walk, music, reading or maybe passing on digital skills.

Buddies will keep in touch weekly, help people make plans, support them to join in with activity sessions if required and check how they are making progress with their wellbeing goals.

In addition, we’re planning to hold monthly Wellbeing Socials on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10.00am to 1.00pm in several locations around the borough.

The socials will be a welcoming, safe place for everyone involved and provide an opportunity for people to try new activities in local community services. The groups will help people to build confidence and self-esteem by supporting them to feel less lonely and improve their wellbeing.

To bring this new service to life we’re working in partnership with NHS Charities Together, Sheffield Hospitals Charity and South Yorkshire Community Foundation.

If you or someone you know or care for would like to find out more about Ways to wellbeing in later life, call Kym Gleeson on 07988 638 355 or Email

If you’d like to find out more about becoming a Wellbeing Buddy or a Wellbeing Social Buddy, visit our volunteering page for details.

Photo on this page and home page courtesy of Centre for Ageing Better