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Age Without Limits Action Day

Published on 20 March 2024 04:39 PM

20th March 2024 marks the first ever Age Without Limits Action Day, an annual event set up by the Centre for Ageing Better to challenge ageism and help change the way we think about getting older.

This year’s theme is SEE and BE SEEN, which aims to “challenge the often narrow, negative and stereotypical way that older people and ageing is portrayed in our society”.

As part of their anti-ageist campaign, the Centre for Ageing Better recently held an “Are You Ageist?” multiple-choice quiz in which 5,500 people took part.

The results revealed that more than a quarter of respondents hold stereotypical views of older people and may even discriminate on the basis of age without realising it.

One in five respondents demonstrated ageist views overall revealing that they hold a bleak outlook on ageing and what it means to get older.

One in seven said they feel down about getting older and dread their milestone birthdays, and a further one in five said they try to keep their upcoming milestone birthdays quiet; only sharing the news with selective friends or family.

The Age without Limits campaign aims to redress this situation by fostering positive perceptions of ageing; an objective which Age UK Wandsworth firmly upholds and supports!

In celebration of their first Age Without Limits Action Day, the Centre for Ageing Better are holding a photo exhibition to celebrate the huge diversity across ages and show there is no one way to grow old. The exhibition is being held at The Now Building next to Tottenham Court Road Station and will run from Wednesday 20 March until Saturday 23 March 2024. Click here for more details.