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We want to make our policies, procedures and guidelines clear for everyone.

We have a suite of policies that our staff and volunteers adhere to. Below are the key policies that we ask all our workers following while delivering services for Age UK Wiltshire.

Our key policies and procedures

  • Safeguarding

    Age UK Wiltshire recognises the right of all older people to live their lives free from the fear of abuse and exploitation, and its duty of care to all its service users, volunteers and staff to protect them, wherever possible, from any form of abuse.

  • Health & Safety

    Age UK Wiltshire has responsibility to its staff and volunteers to provide a safe working environment. Individuals should also be aware of their personal responsibilities for their own and others health and safety.

  • Data Protection and Confidentiality

    During the course of your employment you may hear or be told information of a sensitive and confidential nature. It is vital that confidentiality is respected.

    You also have the right know what information we hold about you and be assured that this information is held securely.

  • Handling Personal Data

    Age UK Wiltshire (AUKW) records a significant amount of personal data in relation to its clients. AUKW has a geographically diverse workforce with some workers based in its offices but the vast majority are working from community locations or from home. When working from home or a community location, all AUKW data protection and confidentiality rules apply.

  • Subject Access Request (SAR) Policy

    This Policy sets out how Age UK Wiltshire manages its SAR responsibilities in accordance with legal and regulatory obligations. This Policy sets out the minimum standards which must be complied with when handling a SAR.