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Our Fitness & Friendship Clubs provide a great opportunity for older adults to socialise and stay active.  Each meeting includes gentle exercise to help maintain strength, balance and flexibility.

There’s also lots of time to enjoy chatting over refreshments.


People who come to the clubs say that they enjoy the club because the exercises help with mobility, in particular where arthritis can result in a stiffening of the joints.

  • the exercises help release tightened muscles so that shoes and socks can be put on more easily
  • the clubs provide an opportunity to spend time with others who may be facing similar life challenges
  • last but absolutely not least, there is a lot of laughter.

All Club Leaders are fully trained having completed Low Impact Functional Exercises training for older adults and First Aid Training.  They also attend regular update training to keep their skills and knowledge up to date.   

For general enquiries about the Clubs or our Fitness & Friendship service, please contact the team at: or on 07754 612 569 

How to join

Our Club locations are listed below and each page will have details of the days, dates and times of the Club along with the costs and venue information.  

You don't need to book in advance but places may be limited, so please check with the Club organiser.  However, as your health and welfare is our primary concern, the first time you attend we will ask you to complete some forms so we can make sure you can participate safely.  If you have a diagnosed health condition, you may need to consult with your GP first; there is a health disclosure within part 2 of the Welcome Pack.     

You can view and download the full Welcome Pack below: 

Fitness & Friendship Club Locations

Join our team of Fitness & Friendship volunteers!

We're looking for people to join us and lead or help at one of our growing network of Fitness & Friendship Clubs.