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Computer Classes with Age UK

Come along to the the HUB at William Garfit House, 116 High Street, Boston or phone and book an appointment with one of the Age Uk volunteers.

Go At Your Own Pace


Monday to Friday - available between 9am and 3pm in the HUB


Offered on a one to one basis, the first taster session is  free, after that we ask for a £5 donation  for one hour  which includes use of the internet on a variety of computers.


If you are a complete beginner we can show you how to use a keyboard and mouse, how to use emails and the internet.  If you want to use facebook to see how the grandkids are doing or putting your photos on your computer.



From laptop to PC - or Tablet the choice is yours. And you go at your own pace - no pressure from our  volunteers just lots of help and advice!