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Brand New Donation Envelopes!

Add our donation envelopes to your occasion: anniversaries, birthdays, or those difficult days saying goodbye to loved ones. You can help us to be there for local older people who need us.

A Concise Guide to our Services

For an introduction to what we do, our Guide to Services is the best place to start! 

Physical copies are available, but if you'd like to take a look at it right away, a digital copy is available right here on our website.

The guide will offer an introduction to each of our services, explaining what they do, how they help, and how they can be accessed. If you have any questions about the guide, or about anything inside the guide, please contact us on 03455 564 144. 

Click here to read now

Refer to our Services

Please use this tool if you are any of the following:

  • Professionals referring individuals to our services
  • Asking for support from our services 
  • Getting in touch for more information or to talk to someone

Refer Here

Latest news

  • Feeling Thrifty!

    Published on 16 April 2024 04:23 PM

    Saturday 13th April 2024 saw our very first community second hand sale event: Feeling Thrifty!  For just £10, our...

  • Wine Night: a corker of a success!

    Published on 05 April 2024 01:06 PM

    On the 14 th of March 2024, the beautiful Reserve Lounge at Home Nightclub transformed into a hub of charitable magic...

  • Remembering Dr Wendy Mitchell

    Published on 23 February 2024 05:07 PM

    Dr. Wendy Mitchell, a remarkable woman, has sadly shared her final blog post. Leaving behind inspiration and advocacy...

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