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Personal Independence Coordinator Service

  • Location: Age UK Croydon
  • Price: Free
Call 02086 860066 for more info

Please note, this service is not available outside Age UK Croydon - Head Office's catchment area.

Age UK Croydon
81 Brigstock Road
Thornton Heath
United Kingdom

Telephone: 02086 860066

Our Personal Independence Coordinators (PICs) work in a person-centred way, helping people identify their own goals to regain independence and live the life they want to live.

Please note, you must be a Croydon resident and/or registered with a Croydon GP to access this service.

The PIC service is part of the Integrated Community Network (ICN+), which aims to develop and implement more integrated and preventative health and social care across Croydon. PICs provide critical links between health and social care services and wider community support networks, helping people feel more in control of their own health and wellbeing.

How does the PIC service help?

Following a referral, the process starts with a conversation enabling the person to tell us what is important to them and what might improve their health, wellbeing, and independence. We then work with people for a defined amount of time (typically 8-16 weeks), depending on need and complexity, so they can set themselves specific goals to achieve.

Examples include improving a person’s mobility, reducing social isolation, solving problems in the home, sorting out finances, linking up with health/social care professionals, learning a new skill and returning to a hobby they previously enjoyed.

Who can refer someone to the PIC service?

There are two ways you can refer someone to the PIC service:

1. Any professional within the Integrated Community Networks system (ICN+) Team – these
include GPs, Community Pharmacists, District Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Social Workers and Social Prescribers/Link Workers. All ICN+ team members can refer via email or in a meeting such as an MDT or Talking Point.

2. Community organisations and professionals outside the ICN+ system – these include local voluntary organisations and specialist health professionals within Croydon University Hospital and elsewhere. These organisations should refer to the service using the referral form below.

How do I access the PIC service?

To access the PIC service, you need to be referred by your GP, another healthcare professional or member of a community organisation (See “Who can refer someone to the PIC service?”). These professionals will refer you to us using the methods described above.

Referral criteria for the PIC service:

The following criteria are a guide and exceptions will be made with agreement from the GP and other healthcare professionals.

• Over 50
• A Croydon resident, or registered with a Croydon GP
• Has capacity to set and engage with wellbeing goals
• Frequently requires healthcare input
• Has wellbeing needs

Who is not eligible for the PIC service?

We are currently unable to work with people who cannot set or engage with wellbeing goals for the following reasons:

• They are too frail to engage with the service (physically and/or mentally).
• They have a significant unmanaged mental health condition.
• They have significant drug or alcohol dependency that is unmanaged or for which support has been refused.

For more information on our Personal Independence Service, including our downloadable leaflet and referral form, please click the link below.

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