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Our Building Better Buddies training provides volunteers with the skills, knowledge and expertise to become a Buddy, working one-to-one with older people to encourage and support them to live more fulfilling and active lives.  A health and wellbeing Buddy is somebody who can support, organise and promote activities to others.

Our training will support volunteers to: 

  • understand the postive impact of physical activity, healthy eating and positive mental wellbeing for older people
  • gain skills, knowledge, and expertise to work with older people to improve their physical and mental wellbeing
  • gain an understanding of how to work as a Buddy with older people on these issues.
  • help older people to be more physically active and overcome the barriers to participation
  • aim to establish an informal and social relationship with other older people, which is mutual, non-judgemental and committed, for the purpose of promoting better health
  • involve other older people in health promotion activities
  • help older people to move into or step up their activities for healthier living
  • point older people in the right direction, helping them find appropriate information and to access services
  • be someone older people can talk to and who will understand things from their point of view.

The course can be delivered within a community venue over one day, for between six and 12 participants.

"The training has given me the confidence to help my friend with Parkinson's by enhancing his life activities."