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Our team are hard working and highly ­skilled and are dedicated to achieving great things for people in Islington. 

Our diverse team come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.


Andy Murphy - Chief Executive

Martin Hunt - Operations Director

Support Services

Asfaw Seyoum-Semunigus - Support Services Manager

Mariama Pratt - Finance & Operations Administration Officer

Wellbeing Prescribing and Engagement Manager

Polly Seward

Client Services Manager

Michael O'Dwyer

Information and Advice

Shahida Qureshi - Information and Advice Manager

Anne Wills - Expert Patient Programme Project

Enablement Service  

Jamie Diamont - Enablement Case worker

Debbie Gooch  - Enablement Case Worker

Adele Walsh – Enablement Case worker

Denise Hunt - Enablement Caseworker

Jayne Drewett - Enablement Caseworker 

Hospital Discharge

Janet Sangster - Hospital Discharge Worker

Navigation Service 

Maria Robinson - Navigation Service Manager

Maria Azzouzi – Navigator

Elaine Gill - Navigator

Sophie Pillai - Navigator

Charlene Butler - Navigator 

Jack Bakker – Navigator

Rachel Lawson - Navigator

New Models of Navigation Service

Shamin Noronha - New Models of Navigation Services Manager

Ruhi Begum - Choice and Control Navigator

Paul Rogers - Choice and Control Navigator

Anne Wills - Choice and Control Navigator

CHIN Navigator - vacant post

Wellbeing 360

David Blyth – Wellbeing 360 Manager


Katie Skea

Activities Services 

Frances Shank - Activities Services Manager

Richard Taylor - Activity Partner

David Martin - Activity Partner

Abisola Ogunshe – Drovers Centre Manager

Andrea Sinclair - Activities and Partnership Coordinator

Holly Keller-Cooper - Client Participation Coordinator

Carers Services 

Ismail Bahriyeli - Carers Services Manager

Ade Adeniran - Advice & Information Officer

Rashina Shah - Advice & Information Officer

Yvonne Carrera Curtis - Support Groups Officer

Torpekai Boukens - Senior Caseworker

Kate Girling - Advice and Information Officer

Future Matters 

Judith King - Future Matters Project Coordinator