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Community Connections Lewisham

  • Location: London Borough of Lewisham
  • Price: Free
Call 0330 058 3464 for more info

London Borough of Lewisham
Laurence House
1 Catford Road
United Kingdom

Community Connections Lewisham is a preventative social prescribing project, aiming to improve the health and wellbeing of vulnerable adults across the borough.

Bringing Lewisham to you!

Supporting anyone 18 or over in Lewisham by connecting them with local groups and services.
You can phone us on 0330 058 3464. Our phone line is open Monday - Friday from 9:00am- 4:00pm (except on Thursdays when it closes at 1pm) or find out more on our website.

What is Community Connections

Community Connections Lewisham (CCL) is a ‘Social Prescribing’ service, helping Lewisham residents aged 18+ to discover and access local groups and services that support their health and wellbeing. The service was launched in September 2020, merging together two former services, ‘Community Connections’ and ‘SAIL Lewisham’, and learning from our experience of leading the Covid-19 Emergency Hub helpline between March-August 2020.

We support adults of all ages to make the changes they want to see in their lives. This may be as simple as finding out about nearby social activities and befriending services, or it may mean giving you support and information for more complex needs such as transport, mental health support needs, caring for someone or living with a long term health condition.

How Does Community Connections Work?

It all starts with a chat, enabling one of our friendly team members to understand your needs and circumstances, and offer support that is relevant to you. This could be as simple as providing immediate support by giving you information (‘signposting’) about nearby social groups or practical support services, or where appropriate we can also refer you directly to one of our ‘key partner’ organisations (e.g. Blind Aid, Lewisham Foodbank, Catbytes IT Hub, VSL befriending network) so that you can benefit from their specialist support.

Along with same day support over our phone line, CCL also offers more in-depth personal planning support (up to 6 weeks) for those facing multiple and complex issues. This could include helping you address visible and invisible barriers to change. For example, supporting those with mobility issues to apply for community transport schemes like Dial-A-Ride; or helping you to access free mental health services.

New Promotional Film ‘Breaking Social Isolation’

We are delighted to share our new promotional film, directed by Michael van der Put (Paper Lantern Media). Using heartfelt staff interviews and showcasing an amazing variety of social opportunities in the community, the film offers an overview of how CCL works and the positive impact social prescribing can have on people’s health and wellbeing. We hope it will inspire isolated adults to get in touch and begin exploring what’s out there for them!

Click here to view the promotional film.

CCL Drop-in

Our weekly drop-in enables residents who have difficulty communicating by phone to meet with our staff for face-to-face for support.

Come along for a 1:1 appointment (up to 20 mins) with a member of our friendly team, or join our group table of games , activities and have a chat over a nice cuppa!

When: Every Thursday 10:30am - 12:30pm

Where: Lewisham Irish Centre, 2a Davenport Road, SE6 2AZ

Case Study

Martin was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis several years ago, forcing him into early retirement and making it increasing difficult for him to get out of his home independently due to his mobility and periods of depression. He was referred to Community Connections Lewisham by Adult Social Services in order to find stimulating activities where he could make friends and get some space from his family and home environment.

Since engaging with our service, he has become an active member of Rushey Green Time Bank, enabling him to share his skills and interests and benefit from the skills of fellow members. This provides a great opportunity for making friends, both in a 1:1 setting and through group activities such as a weekly Arts & Crafts group in Bellingham. We also helped Martin and his family to complete application forms for subsidised transport services including Taxicard and Dial-A-Ride, making his journeys to and from groups simpler and more affordable.