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We work with thousands of people each year. Each person we work with has individual needs that need to be met. Our aim is to ensure that growing older does not prevent people from still being able to enjoy their life.

How we make a difference

Mrs M's Story

Mrs M used to be very sociable with lots of friends. With deteriorating health, she had lost confidence to go out and about and has started to lose touch with people, so her GP referred her to SAIL. Mrs M was visited at home by a SAIL Navigator to identify goals she would like to achieve.

Mrs M used to go to Peckham Pulse and really wanted to go back so that she could exercise and make new friends, she was particularly interested in aqua aerobics and joining a dance class. She was managing well at home but had some odd jobs that needed doing to improve her safety.

Mrs M was referred to the SAIL Handyperson service to fix her toilet seat, clear her garden and secure a wobbly banister. The SAIL Navigator linked her to Blackfriars Settlement Joining Hands project. Joining Hands identified a local volunteer who also goes to Peckham Pulse. With the support of the volunteer, Mrs M now has the confidence and support to attend exercise classes. She is feeling less isolated and has something to look forward to each week. She is more physically active, is able to leave the house and is enjoying socialising again. The jobs completed by the handyperson service have reduced her risk of falls at home.

Joan's story

Joan was very independent until two falls earlier in the year. Joan was increasingly isolated and frustrated being stuck at home all the time. Together with her support planner, Joan recorded the things she used to do that made her happy, her good days and bad days and what was important to her and for her.

Joan recorded her dreams and wishes about what her support would look like. When Southwark Council agreed the plan, Joan began to put it into action.

Since Joan's support plan has been set up, she has gone back to church for the first time in six months, has visited the hairdresser and visited her friends.

Stella's story

Stella recently lost her husband and was encouraged to attend the day centre by her daughter. At first, the loss of her husband was still very fresh and she cried every day. We assured her that it was OK to cry and that we were here to support and comfort her.

One of Stella's main concerns was that she did not know how she was going to manage as her husband took care of all finances. We introduced Stella to Penny from Community Care Support Service (CCSS) who was able help her understand how best to deal with her financial situation.

Stella, who did not know any of the members, soon became a regular face with our early morning breakfast members. They are all supportive of her and can usually get a warm gentle smile on her face. Stella still has her down days but she enjoys attending the centre rather than being at home alone.