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Vitals For Veterans

We are pleased to announce the start of our new project.

We are aiming to deliver wellbeing packs to veterans across Lincoln & South Lincolnshire over the next 6 months because:

"Veterans should not be forgotten"

We would love to hear your stories too about your time in service, please share these with us 

If you are a veteran or know a veteran that would be delighted to receive a pack (and have consent to share their details) 

Veterans sign up below (Volunteers please scroll down to sign up)


Vital Volunteers WE NEED YOU

Could you help us deliver a pack to a veteran in your community? This volunteering role is completely flexible around your other commitments, you can help as little or as often as you like Register to volunteer via Help My Street

We would LOVE to hear your stories

Share your story, or the story of a loved one and a time in service. 

We will be delighted to share them and feature them here - you can send photos too if you have them 

"Veterans should not be forgotten"


  • Vitals for Veterans (“the project”) is an initiative led by Age UK Lincoln and South Lincolnshire (“AUKLSL”). For information about AUKLSL please contact us on 03455 564 144
  • The project is designed to benefit military veterans in Lincolnshire over the age of 50 whose circumstances have been affected by the covid-19 pandemic (“veterans”). The project’s particular concern is to address isolation and loneliness amongst this community
  • By applying for a Vitals for Veterans pack, you do so subject to the following terms and conditions:


    1. The project is a voluntary initiative offered to veterans who fit the eligibility criteria free of charge. By applying for and receiving a project pack, no contract is created between you and AUKLSL, nor does an application create or place any binding obligation on AUKLSL
    2. Project packs are subject to limited availability and may vary in design, size and content. Allocation of project packs will be on a first come first serve basis. No guarantees, warranties, representations or promises are made in respect of the availability or content of project packs, or indeed in relation to access to the project.
    3. Project packs are non-transferrable and non-returnable and cannot be converted into cash or other benefit, nor may they be sold, exploited or used for any purpose other than that stated herein. All liability on behalf of AUKLSL is hereby excluded and disclaimed.
    4. Only veterans are eligible to receive a project pack. AUKLSL reserves the right to refuse to supply a pack to any person who is not able to satisfy us that they are a veteran
    5. AUKLSL may amend, suspend, withdraw or vary the project from time to time without notice
    6. By making an application, you will be providing us with your personal data and you consent to us processing such data in order to administer and consider your application, supply a project pack, and deal with any queries or feedback from you from time to time. In particular, AUKLSL is working in partnership with Help my Street CIC, a voluntary organisation helping to care for people in their communities. By making an application, you consent to us sharing your personal details, including contact details, with Help my Street CIC in order to enable them to deliver a project pack to you
    7. If you are making an application on behalf of someone else, you warrant and agree that you have that person’s express consent to make the application and supply us with the personal information we require.
    8. For information about how we use and keep your personal data safe, and how to exercise your statutory rights, please visit click here 
    9. For information about how Help my Street CIC uses and keeps your information safe, please visit Help my street - click here