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Our Laundry Service is flexible and offers our customers two options;

  • Laundry at home
  • Laundry collection service 

Wet washing can be heavy and multiplying loads such as bedding, whites, colours and delicates can be time consuning. If you have facilities at home, we can come to you to get your laundry basket back to being empty and your wardrobes stocked with clean, dry, ready to wear clothes. Nothing beats fresh bed sheets to snuggle into, so let's book in that great nights sleep.

Our friendly team can undertake any laundry related tasks as part of our domestic cleaning support service within your home. Examples may include; the stripping, washing, ironing and re making of beds, and or daily washing of towels and any personal clothing items. 

If you do not have the facilities at home for our team to launder your items we offer a laundry collection and delivery service. This service is flexible and can be arranged weekly, fortnightly or monthly and delivered by our fully DBS checked team.

We launder all items in house at our Park Street Centre. We launder each customers items separately and your garments are washed, dried and ironed before being delivered back to you at home sparkling and ready to go.

We are able to offer laundry bags for purchase for your convenience.

Get in touch

For more information and to chat about a home visit to assess your laundry requirements please call our friendly Help in the home department on 03455 564 144 - Option 3