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Quality Assurance Standards

To ensure that the care we provide is carried out to a consistently high standard we will carry out the following procedures:

1. All residents of Holmfield will receive an initial assessment.

2. Residents will have their care reviewed for two different purposes.

Each resident will be reviewed in terms of the quality of the service they receive. Quality reviews will consist of one face to face review per year and one questionnaire/meeting with the resident’s next of kin. If there has been a specific problem identified in provision of a service to a resident then reviews may be more frequent until the issues are satisfactorily resolved.

Residents will also have a regular review of their Care Plan to make sure that the care we provide addresses the care needs of the individual.

Under normal circumstances the care plan will be formally reviewed twice yearly. We recognise that residents’ needs can change quite frequently and in reality the review process is ongoing. We strive to provide a flexible responsive service that can meet the holistic needs of the individual. For this reason we are prepared to amend the plan of care for any individual as and when the need arises.

For either of the review processes, under normal circumstances the resident will be informed that a review is to take place. The date and time of the review will be arranged with the resident and they will be informed that a representative is welcome to attend if they so wish. The review will normally take place at Holmfield.

During the review the resident will have the opportunity to discuss any issues arising from the care plan. If any areas of unmet need are identified appropriate action will be taken to address these needs. A written record will be kept of each review. The record will be confidential and kept in the resident’s file. A copy will be made available to the resident on request.