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Age Uk North East Lincolnshire

PUBLIC STATEMENT REGARDING CORONAVIRUS - 17/03/2020 Statement from Helen Goodman – Chief Officer AGE UK North East Lincolnshire.                                                                                                 In line with the Government’s latest advice today and obviously the ongoing changes are being dealt with daily, I, along with The Board of Trustees have taken the decision to move Age UK North East Lincolnshire to the next level of our escalation plan. As a community, the situation that we are facing with regards to the Coronavirus is unprecedented. As an organisation, we play a major role within the Health and Social Care system, and as a Charity whose primary purpose is to support older people, one of the most vulnerable groups at the present time, we are working hard to ensure we can sustain as much vital support for the local people as we can, whilst also adhering to the clinical and social guidance around minimising risks of exposure. Government guidance is to limit face to face contacts where not essential, not to stop services completely, and therefore our approach is to maintain as much support as we can over the telephone or online. We will be temporarily suspending our social activities and home visits from Monday 23rd March 2020 We will be replacing them with telephone calls & checks. The purpose of this is to ensure that we can maximise our resources to support people who are self-isolating. This will compromise, for the time being ofTelephone Advice Sessions both locally and via the national advice lineWellbeing Checks over the phoneFood Delivery alongside Food Parcel deliveries where possible. Anyone who requires additional support should contact the organisation on 01472 344976.As a community, we are facing somewhat uncertain times but the ethics of Age UK North East Lincolnshire remain unchanged, and with resilience, determination and the best interests of local people at heart, we look forward to returning to our full diary of services and activities as soon as we possibly can. With very best wishes and sincere thanks for your patience, support and understanding.These closures will take place from Monday 23rd March 2020, if this affects you, you will be contacted regarding appointments and services. Please note these closures cover our main site at 27 Osborne Street, 20 Wardall Street and our 2 retail shops in Grimsby and Cleethorpes.  If you or anyone in the community you know requires any food delivery then please give us a call on 01472 344976, our phone lines will be manned as normal. HELEN GOODMAN AGE UK NORTH EAST LINCOLNSHIRE

Community Fund

We are very proud and happy to announce that we have been successful in gaining a Community Fund grant & a Henry Smith Grant for 3 years to help with our Information and Advice Service. This grant enables us to provide advice and support to anyone over the age of 65 who is going through a significant life change e.g. bereavement, divorce, family breakdown amongst many other areas. We have fully trained staff to help in the process of benefit claims both in the office and at home visits and engaging people back into society after these changes by supporting them to attend lunch clubs, social activities and hopefully enable them to volunteer some of their time in the local community. We have gone through some drastic changes over this last year with the withdrawal of our insurance services so the award of these grants will enable our service provision to, firstly, continue and secondly, and more importantly, grow & cover the whole of the North east LIncolnshire area. We cannot thank the funds enough for their support. 

If you have experienced a recent change in your circumstances and require advice on benefit entitlements, or you are feely isolated and want to attend groups and make new friends etc, please do give us a ring and either book an appointment with one of our advisors or Annette Chidwick who is our engagement officer on 01472 344976. we really can make a difference not only to your finances but also your mental health and wellbeing so please do give us a call. 

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