How you can help

There are so many ways you can support us. Whatever you do, it all goes towards allowing our work for older people in North Tyneside to 'Love Later Life'.

Our donation target is £65000

Make a donation — every penny counts

We rely on your donations to help us continue the work we do with and for older people in North Tyneside.

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Volunteering — join our 200 strong team

If you have some time to spare, you can volunteer for Age UK North Tyneside.

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Fundraising — your opportunity to shine

You can do anything you like to fundraise for us! The choice is yours, you think of an idea and we’ll help you realise it.

You could host a coffee morning with tea and cakes or do a sponsored bike ride, walk or swim. Whatever you can do to help us raise money will be greatly appreciated.

We can’t wait to hear what you come up with!

For example:

Jon Richie (one of our trustees and a 'dashing accountant') raised £390 in sponsorship for running an Ultra Marathon between Edinburgh and Glasgow on April 5th 2014 to raise funds for Age UK North Tyneside.  

Run the Great North Run

Run the Great North Run as a sponsored runner for Age UK North Tyneside.

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Lottery — support us whilst making friends

For £1 per week, you can play our Lottery and get the opportunity to win thousands of prizes.

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Use our will writing service

From time to time, with the help of local solicitors, we host individual will-writing sessions, where you can make a will or change an existing one.

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Charity shops — don’t throw it, recycle it

We have two Age UK charity shops in our area and each one of them would love to receive the items you no longer need.

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Buy our services — supporting each other

As we help you, you help us - it’s as simple as that. When you take out our insurance, when you buy a greetings card, when your enjoy a tasty snack from Jarrett’s coffee shop, when you arrange our private home or day care, you’re helping us continue with the work we do.

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Join in our activities — without you, we can’t thrive

Our activities, outings and social groups only exist because you are generous with your time. So, please join in every activity that takes your fancy... and, if we’re not doing the things you like, tell us. It’s important we get it right.

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Tell others — recommend a friend!

The best advertising we can possibly have, is you.

Word of mouth is a trusted and effective way of getting our message to those who matter, so feel free to promote us to your friends and family!


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