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Staying Well This Winter

Published on 02 October 2018 02:02 PM

Snow and icy conditions are expected across Oxfordshire, making it dangerous for some older people

There are plenty of simple, practical things you can do to help this winter.

❄️ Offer to get in an extra loaf and a pint for an elderly neighbour
❄️ Ask if your neighbour has a pendant alarm and if they would like one, offer to be one of their contact numbers as often people hate to ask
❄️Check if a neighbour would like you to acquire some grit for their path
❄️Offer to sweep the snow away on their path
❄️Check if they have an alternative source of heat and light should the power fail

Useful Telephone Numbers:

• Our number is Age UK Oxfordshire 0345 450 1276
• Oxfordshire County Council Customer Services Team
Office Hours: 0345 050 7666
Out of hours emergency number: 0800 833408 (freephone)
• Age UK National 0800 009966 (open 8am to 7pm every day)

You can download Part 1 and Part 2 of our Staying Well This Winter supplement below.

If you would like hard copies of the supplement please call Age UK Oxfordshire on 0345 450 1276.

PDF Staying Well This Winter Part 1

PDF Staying Well This Winter Part 2