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#SwitchedOff: Can you ask your MP to save free TV for older people?

Published on 07 March 2019 03:57 PM

Campaigning and influencing are important aspects of our work and we work with other Age UKs to campaign at a national level on a range of issues of importance to older people and carers. 

#SwitchedOff is a campaign to save free TV for older people. This campaign is aimed at getting the government to take responsibility for funding free TV licences rather than the BBC. Recent research from Age UK has found that two million people over the age of 75 would have to go without TV or cut back on essentials such as heating or food if free TV licences were scrapped. This is extremely important because we know that TV can be a lifeline helping people stay connected. When you spend your days alone, TV is something to rely on and look forward to. Over a million older people say that the TV is their main form of company.

How you can get involved: Add to the nearly 80,000 people who have already signed the petition by visiting and let your MP know that this is an important issue for you.