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We understand that sometimes a little help at home can make an enormous difference to your quality of life. Home Support Options can provide practical and tailored solutions for helping you to stay independent.

Home Support Options offer a range of flexible and practical solutions to help you stay independent both at home and out and about. We tailor all our support to suit your individual preferences and lifestyle and we can link you with other services that can help you to live well and stay connected in your local community.

“I am so pleased I found you. Karen’s assistance with helping me shop is fantastic, thank you" - Mr W


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Taking care of your feet is an important factor in keeping mobile and reducing the risk of falls. Our dedicated toe nail cutting service is provided at venues across Oxfordshire and we can visit you at home.

This service is for people over the age of 50 who are unable to cut their own nails through reasons of frailty and difficulty bending, poor eyesight or problems with dexterity.

Regular nail cutting sessions are provided every 6 to 8 weeks and cost £15 per session at our office (there will also be a small one-off charge for the purchase of your nail cutting equipment). If you require a nail cutter to visit you at your home the charge will be £20. All our nail cutting staff undertake a full induction and have criminal record checks.


Support at home

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A little bit of help around the home, and being able to get out and about can make a huge difference. Our Home Support Service provides a range of practical tasks to help you stay independent, these can include:

  • Support to attend local activities and events
  • Company to chat or share pastimes and hobbies
  • Help to keep your home clean and tidy, changing bedding, ironing and dealing with laundry
  • Help with shopping, getting to appointments and picking up pre-scriptions, making telephone calls and dealing with post
  • Assistance to prepare simple meals
  • Help to learn new skills such as using a computer or mobile phone

As of 1st April Home Support will cost £17 per hour (there may be additional charges incurred where transportation is required).

A booking of at least 1 hour per week or 2 hours per fortnight is required to use the service, please note that we are unable
to provide administration of medication or personal care. All our
home support undertake a full induction and have criminal record checks.

“Thanks for sending Kate to me. I can’t express what a difference she makes each week. She sees what needs doing without me telling her. Also she’s like a friend – we have laughs together, she listens to my “grumps” and puts me right. She gets on well with the family too – we love her to bits. You certainly choose your staff well.” - Mrs H


Contact us

For more information about how we can support you, contact our team at Age UK Oxfordshire on 0333 577 1044 or email the team at

Customers calling from a landline or mobile are charged the same as calling an 01/02 number. If you have inclusive minutes in your phone package then these can be used.


Job vacancies with Home Suppport Options

We are regularly looking for Home Support Workers / Companions and Nail Cutters.  To find out about current vacancies, please visit the Age UK Oxfordshire jobs page.

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